Useful Waxing Info

Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal suitable for all areas of the body, recommended every four to six weeks depending on re growth.

  • Pre waxing: Sun beds and/or heat treatments should be avoided 24 hours prior to waxing. Avoid applying oils and lotions prior to your appointment. Hair needs to be half a centimeter in length, if you have previously shaved we recommend a minimum of two weeks growth prior to your waxing appointment. If you are not a regular waxer please where possible trim bikini hair prior to your appointment. The shorter the hair, the less painful the removal.
  • Medical note: for clients with Diabetes we require a GP’s consent form to be signed prior to your first wax (this can be emailed to you). We are unable to undertake any waxing treatment if you are currently taking medication for skin disorders. If you have been prescribed Roaccutane or used Retinol based skincare products, you must have 6 months clear of using these products prior to waxing.
  • Post waxing: For the following 24 hours steer clear of sun beds, heat treatments, exercising, perfumed soaps and shower gels and avoid tight restrictive clothing.

We have a range of effective homecare products that can help you remain smooth, soft and ingrown hair free until your next appointment.

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