REVIV Genetics

REVIV Genetics are an Austrian company specialising in genetic analysis.

This is cutting edge technology that Dr. Mayoni believes will become part of our future. New advances mean that we can now analyse our own DNA and look at every gene that makes us who we are. Some of these genes are related to how we age, how our body stores fat, how we react to exercise and so on. Understanding these factors better can help us to modify our individual lifestyle choices. Personalisation is seen as the future of the wellness industry and REVIV are leading the way!

We are pleased to be able to recommend REVIV Genetics genetic analysis.

REVIV Genetics

What is genetic analysis?

REVIV Genetics take a sample of your DNA for sequencing and analysis. You provide your DNA with a simple mouth swab. They then use the most advanced Next Generation DNA tests available, allowing you to choose what you wish to study about yourself. Perhaps you are most interested in your health and nutrition, or maybe you want to understand how your skin reacts under stress?

REVIV Genetics sequence a large section of your DNA as the starting point, rather than smaller cuts or ‘snips’ that some other companies use. This means that REVIV Genetics are able to pinpoint exactly where the required gene is with 99.97% accuracy observed. This is also why it’s so important to always check the testing method adopted by the company you are considering before you proceed with genetic analysis.

Why is it useful to look at your DNA code?

Your organs are made up of tissues which are made up cells, and these cells are made from proteins. Your body is constantly repairing and replacing these cells. How does your body know to build the right type of protein to build the cells? It’s all from the DNA code within your genes.

Your body reads the exact sequence of DNA code in the exact gene to determine the exact size and shape of the protein required for the function in your body it is building. It’s amazing what our bodies are doing – all whilst we are completely unaware!

Understanding better how your body works helps you to make better informed lifestyle and health choices.

How does the testing process work?

You will be provided with a testing kit and a clear set of instructions to swab inside your mouth and supply three samples.

You’ll then be kept up to date on the process through your own secure online information portal, MyREVIV. Within MyREVIV you’ll also be asked to complete your consent form and answer a few simple questions critical to the specific tests you’ve purchased.

It’s important that your results are explained to you correctly, and REVIV Genetics’ team of medical specialists will fully support you through the process. This includes a telephone consultation to ensure you understand the results and gain the most benefit from them. You will be able to discuss your lifestyle choices in light of the tests and clarify any questions on the next steps available such as oral supplements, IV therapies or beauty products – all personalised to your results.

REVIV Genetics will also provide you with a beautiful, personalised DNA book. We have samples of these available at The Clinic Honor Oak Park which you are welcome to view.

Which tests are currently available?

There are four analysis options:


  • Analysis of your nutrition and weight genetics: how your body absorbs, converts and utilises certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc) and food ingredients, and your genetic weight factors. Also includes personalised meal plans, twice-yearly doctor-led consultations, and more

Health, Nutrition and Weight

  • Genetic analysis for a healthy diet and weight control. Being aware of your genetic predisposition to certain diseases enables you to make adequate and timely changes to your lifestyle and to take preventive action

Beauty, Nutrition and Weight

  • To the best of their ability your genes should protect you from an accelerated ageing process but frequently these genes have errors. This test will identify your beauty strengths and weaknesses and determine a course of action in conjunction with your nutrition and weight control results


  • Identify your innate reaction to the ageing process

Different fees apply to the different analysis options, please follow the link below to the REVIV Genetics website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

I’m worried about privacy – will REVIV Genetics keep my data secure?

Your privacy is paramount to REVIV Genetics and they will not to sell your data on under any circumstances. It is worth bearing in mind that this is not the case for all direct to consumer providers offering this service. Your results are personal to you and will remain that way.

How do I find out more?

To find out more and to order your testing kit, please click on the link below, which will take you to the REVIV Genetics website:

REVIV Genetics

Prices start at £495 for the MyCore analysis.

REVIV Genetics were awarded the Best Universal Aesthetic, Beauty and Medi Spa Brand at the 2019 Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards.