Massage for Him

Please let us know at time of booking if you have any recent injuries, have recently had surgery, are undergoing any medical treatment or have any other medical conditions.

Full Body Massage (50 minutes or 80 minutes)

Using your choice of oil from the range available. You can also choose an extended 80 minute massage which includes head, hands and feet. Then tailor your massage according to your preference by choosing from the following options:

  • Clear the mind: Perfect for times of stress and over-activity, this treatment helps the mind unwind and refocus, getting you back on track
  • Jet Lag Cure: A treatment for weary travellers to get you back on track when you’re feeling fuzzy, tired and sluggish
  • Body Refiner: A toning and slimming treatment to refine the body contours and eliminate excess fluids, leaving a slimmer looking silhouette and smoother skin
  • Immune Recovery: Cleansing, clearing and decongesting, this upper body treatment helps clear the mind and support the immune system

Back Massage (35 minutes)

Gliding, kneading and compressing strokes, focused on relaxing and reviving tired stressed muscles. Using your choice of the thirteen oils available, this treatment will leave you feeling restored and refreshed

Intensive Muscle Release (50 minutes)

Focusing on areas of chronic tension, using direct deep pressure across the grain of the muscle. This type of technique can help to break up scar tissue within the muscles, caused by injury, improving elasticity.

Hot Stone Massage (25 minutes or 80 minutes)

Warmed stones and manual massage techniques provide a deeply relaxing massage, improving circulation. Opt for the back massage, or add full body massage.

Indian Head Massage (25 minutes or 50 minutes)

Concentrated on the head, neck, shoulders and face. It relaxes the scalp and relieves neck and shoulder stiffness. Performed with or without aromatic oils. Indian Head massages lasts for 25 minutes, or 80 minutes when combined with a back massage.